Beware of the Chinese Fake Seller!

We would like to warn all customers that the online stores listed below
is one of the malicious sellers who is using our unauthorized photographs of  our products,

which we own copyright. And they are selling fake copies of our suits of armors.

They are listing all of coarse copied armors at the same price
by showing customers the photos of our own, to delude you into thinking that they are selling authentic
Japanese armors (products of ours) at low prices.

But the fact is that they are making all of their products in China and acting like they are a Japanese manufacturer by using
a fictitious address in Tokyo, Japan while their phone number is in Beijing, China.

We, Marutake Sangyo, co ltd. and our authorized distributor Samurai Store, Inc.
have demanded them of removing illegitimate products and photos of any kind
and fake address from their website immediately, for infringement of our  copyrights.

But we have no faithful reply from them, so far  Again, please beware of "kjizz.com" and "armor8.com".

Please be clearly noted that we have NO relationship with them and we are
not responsible for any of your claims, loss, damage and whatever happens by their unauthorized Chinese copies.

We regret for any confusion they may cause, and sincerely thank you for your
kind understanding. Very truly yours,

Marutake Sangyo co ltd.